Hadzabe Tribe

The Hadza, as they are better known, are East Africa’s last remaining true hunter-gatherers. As one of Africa’s oldest tribes, they have lived sustainably on their land near the Rift Valley, birthplace of humanity, for over 50,000 years. Their current number stands at 1,000 and they are on the verge of extinction, living in the Lake Eyasi Valley and surrounding hills. Their language is similar to the Southern Africa’s Bushmen who speak the Click language.

With their strong bows whose string is made out of giraffe tendons and their arrows treated with a poison extracted from the Desert Rose, they hunt both small and larger animals. As the men go on the hunting sessions, women gather fruits and berries. They eat an amazing variety of wild fruits and berries like no other tribe in Tanzania which has proven to be their survival strength. They do not own belongings other than what they need for survival like the bows and arrows and some pots for cooking.


Lake Eyasi is also a beautiful area to explore by foot, walking along the edge of the Lake to witness the varied birdlife and in certain areas you can also see the ancient rock art left by the former ancestors of the area.

Enjoy a stroll through the local villages, see true local African life, and be at one with the indigenous, friendly people of the area.

The Datoga Tribe

The Datoga are a pastoralist tribe, who are also skilled silversmiths. They live near the Hadzabe and supply them with iron tips, knives and spears in exchange for animal skins, honey and fruits. Their origins are the Horn of Africa thought to have immigrated some 3,000 years ago. They wear traditional dress decorated in coloured beads and the women often have facial scarification for beauty.

Would you like to experience a genuine, authentic, cultural encounter with these tribes and spend some time with them, learning their various traditions and skills? They are fascinating tribes whose ancient cultures still exists in our modern times.